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Bedtime Podcasts For Kids

Image of a child sleeping with the words (in black) Podcasts that will help your kids fall asleep. Four podcast logo images: African Folktales with Miss Jo Jo, Koala Moon bedtime stories, Bearily Bear, and Story Forest

It's that time of the year for many of you when your clocks turn back and we get a little bit more light at the end of each day. If your kids are anything like mine, the time change can make bedtime a little rough. We've got you covered with a few bedtime podcasts for kids that we think will help your littles get to sleep.

African Folktales with Miss Jo Jo is an award-winning podcast featuring short stories originating in Africa. The stories have been passed down through generations and teach lessons in a very fun way. Miss Jo Jo has a lovely voice that is perfect for quieting kids at bedtime. This episode is about a little boy who finds a magic soup pot. Will he get to eat it?

Koala Moon is a bedtime story & sleep meditation podcast that helps children sleep like a dream. The host, Abbe Opher, has such a soothing voice. It's perfect for a bedtime podcast for kids. This episode is about a squirrel named Maji who had to clean his treehouse before decorating for a Diwali party he was throwing for his sleepy forest neighbors. Note: there are typically commercials and promos in the first few minutes of this show.

🎧 Bearily Bear Stories: The Story of an Awkward Duckling Bearily Bear Stories is a modern rewrite of old fairytales written and hosted by Miral Sattar, a fierce momma who is on a mission to share stories with diverse and confident characters. This episode is about a mother duck who is looking after a swan's precious egg. It is a sweet story that reimagines fostering and adoption for all ages.

🎧 The Story Forest: Javan and the Dragon The Story Forest is one of my favorite finds this year. It's a delightful podcast, created by Anna Roberts and hosted by her mother Pam Macnaughten. Each season is a series of original stories (often about unicorns and dragons) that will be sure to spark your kid's imagination. This episode is the first story in season 10 and is about a boy named Javon whose life is about to change forever when he meets a dragon.


Here are more podcasts that help with bedtime noted in this post from earlier this year.


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