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Canadian Kids Podcasts

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada

We've got a great list of kids' podcasts created by our northern neighbors who will be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday.

I have enjoyed listening to many kids' podcasts created and produced by Canadians but I have never compiled a list of recommendations. Then, earlier this summer I was listening to a (grown-up) podcast and learned about Kattie Laur, a Canadian podcast producer and the author of the newsletter Pod the North. Kattie and her newsletter have helped me become more aware of all the wonderful things happening in the world of Canadian podcasting. That awareness was accentuated when MTM Junior released a report that showed that 1 in 7 kids in Canada are listening to podcasts, which is great news because it tells us that kids are out there listening, but I wonder if more awareness in the space will create more listeners. I'm hopeful that somewhere in this list you'll find something new to listen to and recommend it to your friends!

(3+) Musings and Other Nonsense is full of wonderfully sweet rhyming stories by children's author and podcast creator Peter G. Reynolds. Episodes include original stories and songs and are read by Peter and (occasionally) his son. Start with this awesomely funny episode if you have a kiddo who has a hard time keeping their room clean! Also, perfect for Halloween are these eight episodes.

(4+) Peace Out, hosted by Montessori educator and mindfulness meditation guide Chanel Tsang, is full of stories for calming down and relaxation. Peace Out helps children create calm in their bodies and minds by guiding them through visualization and breathing exercises. Listeners are asked to check in with their bodies and notice how they are feeling. Every single time I listen to this podcast I feel calmer. This is a great show for kids of all ages who need help with emotional regulation or calming down at bedtime. In addition to the podcast, Chanel just published a book, The Calm Down Workbook for Kids.

(5+) The Story Store, launched in late 2019 by CBC, takes kids' story suggestions and creates a whimsical episode that is sure to be great for younger kids. Mr. Orlando the Moose and Gary the Unicorn host each episode and frequently break into song and dance (well, it sounds like they might be dancing...)! Episodes also include performers who help bring stories to life.

(6+) Earth Rangers is a perfect podcast for animal-obsessed kids. Earth Ranger Emma, a wildlife biologist, has hosted six seasons of engaging episodes where she travels the world discovering amazing animal facts. Emma interviews scientists and environmentalists, shares wild and wacky animal facts, and has a wonderful way of engaging listeners and promoting curiosity. Earth Rangers travel to schools and have a wonderful cache of educator resources on their website, encouraging kids to become wildlife protectors and environmental stewards themselves.

(6+) Warrior Kids was created by Pam Palmeter, a Mi'kmaw educator. Warrior Kids is an Indigenous podcast for kids and families created to inspire kids of all backgrounds to be warriors for social and earth justice. Episodes talk about native food, medicines, and art, as well as the significance of events like Truth and Reconciliation Day (September 30th & Orange Shirt Day). Pam does a wonderful job sharing content warnings ahead of topics that might be hard for young kids to understand.

(10+) October Jones & Fish with Legs is an award-winning audio drama/fantasy adventure created by three community theater turned podcaster friends. The premise: a misguided teenage girl meets a blindly optimistic fish (with legs). Together, they take a road trip quest in an effort to fight an evil two-headed snake trying to end the world. The website says the podcast is for all ages, but it would be enjoyed most by older kids.

(10+) Tai Asks Why is an award-winning CBC podcast hosted by the ever-curious teen, Tai Pool, who began hosting the show when he was just 11 years old. Each season Tai asks experts about math, science, philosophy, religion, and love. Guests call him a wonderful conversationalist, he says he's just a kid who's playing in a sandpit. It's a great show for tweens, teens, and the whole family. One of my favorite episodes (that I have listened to a few times lately), is What's Happening to my Teenage Brain? The show has teaching guides here.

(10+) Unlike many of the podcasts I have discovered through word of mouth, I first discovered The Interview Dudes on Twitter. The show, which ended its production in early 2023, was hosted by Jack, Nathan, and Benjamin, three teens from Ottawa. Their mission (which I would say was successful) was to interview people with cool jobs. Some of their guests included Ryan Reynolds and Steve Martin as well as athletes, scientists, and politicians. I think their guest-getting strategy of using Twitter was pretty clever and effective. While the production has ended, it's safe to say that these guys have a pretty epic time capsule and resume for future work!

We hope you find something new to listen to and discover some of the many reasons Storitopia loves kids' podcasts.


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