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Starter Guide to Toddler Podcasts

The most common questions I hear from parents and caregivers are "When should I introduce podcasts to my kids?" and "What podcasts should I start with?"


I don't think it's ever too early to start with podcasts! When the first show in my list launched earlier this year, they promoted it as, "the board book of the podcast world..." and I agree. These starter podcasts for toddlers provide the same elements when introducing kids to the world of books. The only difference is podcasts are swapping sounds and music with vividly colorful pictures.

In the past few years, as we have read through every bit of data on the benefits of podcasts for kids, our goal has been to help caregivers find the best podcasts that will be a great fit for the kids in their lives.

Small child sitting with family. Fingers in mouth, smiling.
Small toddler listening and smiling

Here are a few great shows that would be perfect starter podcasts to start listening to with your preschool-aged kids (or younger).

From the creators of Super Great Kids Stories, Bust or Trust, and Bullfrogs and Lizards, My First Podcast is a magical world of babies' daily sounds made for the littlest listeners to enjoy with their grown-ups. 


Each episode provides a sound adventure, linking sounds to words through some of your little one's first experiences. My First Podcast will help foster children’s sensory development and strengthen bonds between grown-ups and their little ones.


This sweet, fun, and interactive music podcast is hosted by Georgie, a mum of two young kids based in Australia. The ten-minute episodes are perfect for co-listening. Episodes include songs about the alphabet, counting, animals, colors, nursery rhymes, and more.


Georgie also offers online music classes for toddlers and their caregivers as well as a playlist of her music on Spotify


Blippi & Meekah's Road Trip

If you have a Blippi fan in your house, this new podcast is sure to be a hit! Blippi and Meekah’s Road Trip follows best friends Blippi and Meekah as they hop in their BlippiMobile and take a road trip adventure.


In this first season, the young adventurers visit a farm, a rainforest, the race track, and under the sea! Each adventure is filled with interactive sounds, fun facts, songs, and games. At the end of each road trip Blippi and Meekah drive back to their Clubhouse, recounting their favorite moments. 


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