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Storitopia is a great place to discover new podcasts your kids will love. First-time app users will get an automated playlist based on each child's profile (age and interests). Kids and caregivers can create custom playlists packed with shows you already know and love. Sign up for the Storitopia newsletter to get weekly reviews and recommendations as well as notifications when new podcasts are added. Below is a sample of show suggestions for those of you just getting started. 

Be Calm
Little Stiroes for Tiny People
Clap for Classics

Little Ears (under 5 years)

Fina Mendoza
Six Minutes
Getting Started (5-9 years)
Brains On
Reach A Space
Science Favorites (9-12 years)
Armchair Adventures
Mary Farfisa
Adventures for Everyone

Did You Know?

The benefits of listening to audio for kids include improved reading comprehension, increased reading,  vocabulary, and active listening skills. Beyond the educational benefits, listening can enhance imagination and decrease screen time.  Kids' podcasts and audio stories, both educational and entertaining, have the ability to teach kids everywhere about science, history, music, and more! 

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Active Listening

Kids who are better listeners are better learners. Audio Learning helps teach active listening skills.

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Exposure to new words in the context of a story can help to increase kids' vocabulary skills.

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Audio stories require kids to use their imagination to design the images of the story in their minds.

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There are hundreds of educational podcasts for kids that help increase knowledge. From art and science to history and deep space. 

If you're curious about podcasts and are looking for ways to encourage more screen-free time, subscribe to our newsletter! We will send you a weekly summary of what we're up to and a roundup of podcast recommendations.

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“I thought we were well-versed in kids' podcasts, but there are so many here that are new to us. We are excited to explore!"

Erin, Mom

"I love that my mom lets me explore all of the shows on my own. It's fun building a playlist and listening to new shows."

Anna, 10

“Storitopia is the only app we can use without a time limit! We love discovering and listening to new podcasts."

Quinton, 11

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