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Feelings of Gratitude

When I sat down to think about all of the kids podcasts I’m really thankful for, I realized quickly that the list was going to be too long for a newsletter! So I narrowed my list down to a special genre of podcasts I love and simply wish there were more of. Being the parent of a grade schooler in the midst of a pandemic has me especially grateful for the focus on social and emotional learning that is emphasized in our schools. There are several kids SEL-focused podcasts, but the following are some recent favorites. If you and your family are anything like mine, and feeling all the feels right now, take notes and listen to these with your kids.

The Imagine Neighborhood is a podcast based on the Second Step SEL curriculum created by the Seattle-based Committee for Children. The show uses fun characters and music to create stories that can help listeners understand how to navigate their feelings. The show’s website gives parents and caregivers awesome tools to help follow along with the topics that are covered in each podcast. I recently listened to the Macho’s Shot episode, which felt very fitting as our house was preparing for upcoming vaccines. The show is hosted by award-winning producer Scotty Iseris who ends each episode asking listeners, “how were you kind today?”

Everyday Feels is a new podcast by A Kids Company About hosted by Author and Art Director, Nakita Simpson and Pediatric Psychologist, Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart. This is such a lovely podcast for both kids and parents. I love the way the hosts talk about feelings and the best words to describe them. The episodes often include a child explaining a time when they had a particular feeling and how they worked through it. Ann and Nikita do a really wonderful job guiding listeners, giving them opportunities to pause the podcast to discuss how the topic makes them feel. They end each show with really great takeaway tools and tips for both grownups and kids. This is one of several podcasts created by A Kids Company About. The Portland-based company initially launched with a children’s book about racism. It rebranded late in the summer, adding podcasts and subscription-based streaming classes (think MasterClass for kids) to its content library. Definitely a company worth checking out for your kids!


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