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Fresh New Kids Podcasts

Spring is here and I am ready for it! We are starting to see warmer weather, spring flowers, and buds on the trees. I really love to start seeing the change from the darkness of winter to signs of new life and the start of fresh, new things. ๐Ÿ”…๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿƒ

A girl holding a bunch of peach/orange tulips
Spring Tulips

I have spent the last couple of weeks learning about dozens of new kids' podcasts that are planning to launch this year. I have met several new creators that I'm excited to share with you all. And there's really interesting new research, just being wrapped up by Kids Listen that has given us incredible insights into how kids and their families are listening to podcasts.

Below are four NEW kids' shows that launched this year. I added them to the Storitopia app this week and I hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Katie Stone, creator and executive producer of The Children's Hour has launched A Brief History of the American Southwest for Kids, a new 6-episode podcast about the history of the Southwest United States. The episodes cover a collective 23,000 years of the region's history. Additional learning resources are available to provide a deeper look at how the area was settled to how it came into statehood.

A graphic image of a native man with a southwest buildings as a backdrop. The man has one arm raised and is looking up. In front of him is fire and silouette
A Brief History of the American Southwest for Kids Podcast Art

The podcast was created with 3rd to 12th-grade level learners in mind. Each show was produced by conducting virtual field trips around New Mexico. I've been looking for a National Park to visit during spring break and after listening to the first episode, White Sands National Park is now at the top of my list. Have you been there? I can't wait to finish the rest of this series and hope you can share this with your kids to learn more about the rich history of this part of the United States.

Tan colored background with an image in center of bears and birds, bunnies, and beavers. Logo in green reads "Once Upon a Meadow"
Once Upon a Meadow Podcast Art

Once Upon a Meadow is a sweet show from the creator of the award-winning nature stories podcast, Out There. Each episode follows a group of plants and animals that learn how to live and work together in their meadow. The podcast is created for ages 4-9 but is a great listening experience for the whole family. Coloring pages, activity sheets, and transcripts are linked on the website and each episode ends with a kids' Q&A session about what they learned.

White background with image of earth and bunny heads. BunnAmigos logo in blue at bottom of page

In BunnAmigos, a foursome of globe-hopping bunnies use their super strengths to find clues that help them discover their next adventure. Hopper, Buttons, CT, and Bun-Bun meet friends (and foes) while discovering new places. They share stories, culture, food, and language with listeners in each new episode. The first stop for the bunnies is San Francisco where they explore some of the most famous spots in the City by the Bay. They find clues that lead them to Alcatraz and find a unique way to get to the infamous island. In Season 1, the bunnies visit Toronto, Agra India, Cairo, and Tokyo.

White background with large Green S and P. S has little shoes and looks like a worm. P has a blue butterfly. At bottom of image Storypillar is typed in black

Storypillar is a brand new podcast from Meg Lewis, a former New York City school teacher, who adapts folktales and shares them alongside her co-hosts Bean (the butterfly), and Sneak (the caterpillar). Episodes take listeners to new places around the world where they share perspectives and tools to help navigate feelings and questions that arise in challenging or "sticky" situations.

The show has only released two episodes so far, but listeners can expect a new one every other Monday. My favorite thing about this show is the original music and the fun places that listeners get to go with each story.


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