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Gratitude for Food


Time for Lunch is just one of several incredible podcasts from the Heritage Radio Network. If you and your family are interested in farming, food history, food science, food supply, food policy, food culture, the slow food movement or anything to do with how your food gets into your bellies, please check out their work. Time for Lunch is a show created just for kids that highlight one food-related topic per episode. Recent episodes include seaweed, compost, seeds, and role models. In the Role Model episode, hosts Harry and Hannah interview an inspiring young chef, Rahanna Bisseret Martinez. We hear how she got her start and what encouraged her to start cooking. I love food about as much as I love podcasts and this show (and the HRN) really shines as it feeds curiosities and questions that young listeners may have about all things food. The show encourages listener participation and questions by asking users to send voice memo recordings to Tell them Storitopia sent you!


If you and your family love cooking, then you may have heard of America’s Test Kitchen. It’s the brand behind dozens of books, magazines, tv shows and podcasts to help everyone cook with confidence. What you may not have heard of is ATK Kids. The site has links to books, a newsletter, chef’s club subscriptions, recipes, youtube videos and a podcast geared just for your junior chefs. The podcast, Mystery Recipe, is great for the whole family. In fact, I highly encourage you to listen as a family as you are prepping your Thanksgiving meal today. Here’s an episode that we just listened to. Make sure to stay listening to the end where the hosts perform a broadway rendition of Alexander the Scallion. You won’t be disappointed!  


Hudi, the host of this interview-based food podcast, is TEN! Well, he was 10 when he started the podcast last year, so he might actually be 11 now. Regardless, you all have to listen to Hudi the Foodie. There are currently 12 episodes, all really well produced, with great topics and guests. I listened to the very first episode, all about sourdough, as I was preparing to make some sourdough myself. I learned so much about the process of baking and the benefits of sourdough, and got some great tips for my own bread. I highly recommend this podcast and big kudos to Hudi for being such a great interviewer and putting together a really great show.


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