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Kids Podcasts Are Full of Farts

Did you know that the average human farts between 13 to 21 times a day? Did you know that animals and trees fart? Why are farts so funny? If talking about toots or farts is funny, this is the podcast roundup for you! February 5th is National Fart Day and we thought it would be fun to share a few kids' podcasts that are full of farts. This playlist covers all of your questions, the hows, the who's, the whys, the whats, about this windy topic.

Image of kids in woods laughing

Listen with the links below or create your playlist in the Storitopia app!

Who Smarted podcast logo

Who Smarted? Why Do You Fart? Why do people laugh at farts? Why does Broccoli make you fart? Does Uranus smell like...farts?

Tumble Science podcast logo

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids Do Trees Fart?

Gas Busters - Life Lab, Pt. 5 The Science of Butts

Everything Under the Sun podcast logo

Everything Under The Sun Why do we fart?

Moment of Um podcast logo

Moment of Um Do sharks fart?

Curious Kid Podcast logo

Curious Kid Podcast Curious about hiccups and farts

Brains On podcast logo

Brains On! Animal farts: A mighty wind Fart smarts: understanding the gas we pass

The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland podcast logo

The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland!

Swiftly Tooting Taylor Toots

I learned so much from these episodes like what animal doesn't fart and how fast a fart travels. Take a listen to a few or all of these podcasts and let us know what you learned! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more podcast recommendations and updates!

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