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Kids Summer Podcast Recommendations

Two kids with watermelon helmets and goggles riding in laundry basket skateboards
Summer fun!

Whether you and your family are road-tripping or the kids in your life need some quiet time without screens, we have some recommendations for great kids' podcasts for the summer! First, our favorite podcast reviewers at Common Sense Media have put together a wonderful screen-free summer list here. Each show listed has the recommended age category and links to the CSM review. 🙌 We also just listened to two new shows from GoKidGo that launched this week. The Musical Time Machine isn't your regular history class. It's an explosive, music-filled journey through time! Each episode bursts into life with catchy songs about legendary figures like the Wright Brothers, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington Carver, all delivered by a charismatic cast who knows how to shake up a school day. With plenty of laughs, unforgettable tunes, and fascinating facts, Musical Time Machine is your ticket to making history the best subject ever! Time Traveling Tonya follows the adventures of 8-year-old Tonya Infinity and Gertie, her 186-year-old Galapagos tortoise friend with a magical time-traveling shell. Each episode is a thrilling journey through time, meeting historical figures who help Tonya solve her modern-day problems. Infused with laughter, learning, and awe-inspiring moments from the past, this podcast sparks curiosity and teaches kids the power of history in understanding our world today. Let the time-traveling begin! The Story Forest is a podcast full of magic, adventure, and fun! Original stories take a variety of forms. I started playing season 8, The Dashaway Detectives, while driving to piano lessons last week. You know it's a good one when your passengers ask to play the next episode! The Nightingale is a new show by Gen Z Media where three teens discover a portal to Nightingale, a magical world with a mysterious past, in the sub-basement of their cancer ward. Listen to the latest episode here or on the Storitopia app! 🎧 😎 Kids Podcasts Hit the Road 😎 🎧 We LOVE that some incredibly entertaining podcasts are back on the road and doing live shows for kids and their families. Story Pirates has launched the Amazing Adventure Tour, scheduled to be in a city near you this fall. Get your tickets soon!


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