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Summer Road Trip: Podcast Playlist

Whether you are doing summer camp shuttling or taking your last big road trip before school starts, we've got a great list of podcasts that are sure to entertain your kids!

Before the Storitopia app was built I was always searching for something that would help me discover great kids' podcasts. In addition to helping with the discovery of new shows, I also wanted something that would let me build a playlist that could entertain the kids in the car (or on the go) without having to fumble and search in between shows.

For parents out there that aren't convinced that their kids will enjoy podcasts, listen up! If your kids are a captive audience (like, in the car on a long journey), this is the PERFECT time to introduce them to a few new shows that are SURE to have them asking for more.

The Storitopia app can make recommendations for your kids based on their age and interests, but I still love making a road trip playlist for friends when they ask! Secretly, it reminds me of my college radio DJ days, building playlists during my midnight Sunday shifts for KUGR. So here's a little list of shows that are sure to be a hit for the whole family. I've mixed a little whimsey with adventure and science and hope you enjoy it!

One of the best things about kids' podcasts is their repeatability. These shows make it so easy to go back and listen again and again. Our family has just started listening to Bobby Wonder again. This time, from the very beginning when Bobby learns, on his tenth birthday, that he's an alien with superpowers. The shows are short, leaving your kids wanting to binge on Bobby and the super fun cast of characters in this GoKidGo production.

Flip and Mozi's Guide to How To Be An Earthling was created by Tinkercast, the brilliant minds behind Wow in the World. This show follows Flip and Mozi, two out-of-this-world characters traversing Earth to create a travel guide for their home planet. They criss-cross the planet, taking listeners to places all around the globe, discovering cool things about the animals and habitats of each region while breaking into clever songs created by the Pop Ups.

Parents can go to the show website for book lists and activities as well as conversation starters for each show.

Shhhh! The super TOP SECRET show, Spyology Squad, was developed by Mr. Jim, the creator behind the Kids Animal Stories and Kids Short Stories. The show follows Jayden, Ava, and Mr. Jim as they work to stop Dr. Stinkybreath and his Purple Ninjas from taking over the world through science! Sign your kids up for a Spyology Badge and receive "Mission" emails from HQ as well as a cool badge in the mail that you must keep TOP SECRET.

The missions are super interactive and fun and each show teaches kids something new as they team up on a mission to save the world together!

Who Smarted? is a super fun and funny educational show that was developed by the TV producers of Nat Geo's Brain Games and Netflix's Brainchild. Your kids are being entertained and learning awesome stuff. If you join the show's mailing list, you'll get an activity guide with each released episode. This guide lists fun facts, activities, and additional resources about each topic. One episode that we'll be playing on our road trip is Petrified Forest. Because we'll be driving by one ourselves!

We hope you and your family have a great rest of your summer. Come back to Storitopia for more recommendations and always feel free to reach out if you have shows that you love to listen to as well!


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