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Kids Podcasts That Show Us Love

We all show our love in different ways.


Image of a woman and child holding love symbol with their hands

❤️ This week we put together a playlist of beautiful episodes of kids' podcasts that show us love. The episodes talk about everything from sibling love, self-love, the love of forgiveness, neighborly love, and how to show love to animals and the planet. Links to each episode are below - or create a playlist on the Storitopia app. Download here. ❤️

image of Storitopia app playlist "All About Love"

💜 One of my favorite ways to show love is quality time and acts of service. This past week, I was spending quality time with myself 😊, listening to stories about an old friend. OK, when I say an old friend, I'm talking about Fred Rogers. And when I say spending time, I really mean listening to a podcast about Mister Rogers but stick with me here. I don't usually make grown-up podcast recommendations in this newsletter, but I promise you this one is 👌! The podcast, Finding Fred, is a 10-episode series hosted by bestselling author Carvell Wallace. There were so many topics that Wallace touched upon in these episodes (just one was the radical and revolutionary approach Rogers took talking to kids during times of crisis, when children needed a guiding light, and help with understanding), that I'm giving it a second listen to just to hear the messages again. Honestly, I loved this show. The podcast was released in the winter of 2019 and it highlighted how Fred talked to children when something in the world felt hard. Here's the thing that stuck with me as I was listening to (binging) the series: Mister Rogers radiated love. And there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of adults, whose ages span decades, who learned about love, compassion, and empathy from Fred Rogers. There are so few shows today that talk to kids the way that he did. But listening to a little podcast about Fred and the impact he left on generations made me feel the love that he left with us. I hope that we all, as parents and a community of people guiding the kids in our lives, can share a little more of this today. 💜


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