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New Kids Podcasts!

The kids' podcast space is growing as fast as your kids! We have had a wonderful time discovering a few new shows and want to share them with everyone.

Image of the Mongolian Adventures podcast logo. A drawing of grey mouse dressed in a blue robe with a pale blue background. The title, "The Mongolian Adventures Podcast" at the bottom of the image
Mongolian Adventures - a podcast for kids

The Mongolian Adventures was created by Erin, a school teacher in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The main character in these sweet stories is Minjin, a mouse, who is exploring the regions of Mongolia in search of her forever home. Each episode is packed with stories and history about the region. Check out the website for lesson plans to go along with each episode.

A sketch of a Corgi with an orange circle surrounding the image. The circle has white lettering with the show name. The image has a pale blue background.
Penny & Luck Inventing Stuff - a podcast for kids

Penny & Luck Inventing Stuff is a kids' STEM podcast created by writer Claire Karwowski. This wonderful series follows the fearless Agnes Winona Farrow Pendleton Jones III (Penny for short) and her sidekick (the fluffy-butt Corgi), Luck. Season 1 is full of epic adventures. Season 2 is packed with the history of incredible inventions and some seriously sweet science!! Be prepared to start hearing your kids yell, "Booyah"!

The Bust or Trust podcast logo. A black background with covered in small brightly colored (orange, blue, green, and, yellow) squares and rectangles. Some shapes have white images like a tent, a suitecase, an alien head, and a telescope. In the middle of the logo is "Bust! or? Trust" in white letters
Bust or Trust - a podcast for kids

Bust or Trust is a brand new podcast from Small Wardour, the team behind Super Great Kids Stories and Bullfrogs and Lizards. Bust or Trust is a fast and fun podcast where listeners are put to the test and asked to hone in on their critical thinking skills, while two hosts find fun ways to present the evidence behind their arguments. If your kids love trivia and fun facts, this will be an instant hit.

A red background with a graphic images of kids. A graphic image of a globe covered with a yellow bubble with the title "Culture Kids Podcast" printed in red and blue
Culture Kids - a podcast for kids

Kristen and Asher are the mother-and-son hosts of Culture Kids, a wonderful adventure and cultural discovery podcast. This dynamic duo leads listeners around the world, sharing food, culture, and traditions from some of their favorite places. This show is a weekly reminder that staying curious about the world around you will always lead you to learn something new!

A faded blue background with a faded clock. In the middle of the image in bold dark blue letters is "Robin's Curious Travels"
Robin's Curious Travels - a podcast for kids

Robin's Curious Travels is a history-adventure podcast that takes listeners on some unique journeys. In each show, Robin uses her family's magical grandfather clock to travel back in time to meet fascinating folks, like Jackie Robinson, Susan B. Anthony, and FDR, who share their stories.

We have added these shows to the Storitopia app (as well as here on the website). We hope you enjoy listening to these new kids' podcasts as much as we do.


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