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New Year, New Kids Podcasts

Happy New Year podcast friends!

Are any of you making predictions this year? I have one! It may come as no surprise that I'm bullish on podcasts and even more optimistic about what's next for kids' podcasts. 🎧

This week we have a summary of new kids' podcasts, created in 2022, that should be on your radar. 2023 will be an exciting year full of new podcast content for kids. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram so we can keep you up to date on everything new!

New Kids Podcasts Round-Up

Blue background with Miss Elizabeth and Forte the Lion (puppet) sitting and looking happy. The words Clap for Classics is written in yellow at the top of the image.
Clap for Classics

Music educator Elizabeth Nixon created Clap for Classics, intended for kids 2-8. The show launched in January 2022 and just published its first episode of 2023! Most episodes are about 10 minutes and encourage the use of movement and props like rhythm sticks, scarves, pillows, and whole bodies! Elizabeth has created an online musical education subscription that provides caregivers and families an easy-to-use curriculum, printables, and a library of musical play activity guides. The website has wonderful resources for parents and caregivers looking to introduce more music education into their homes or classrooms.

E Train's head popping out of a stack of books. He is smiling.
E Train Talks

There are so many episodes of E Train Talks that it's hard to believe it's only been a year since this show launched. "E" is a voracious reading sixth grader who dove into book clubs and reviewing books when the pandemic hit. He is such a natural interviewer and makes it look easy! If your kids love (middle-grade) books, this will be a great podcast to check out. E Train has a great roundup of guests and listening to him interview is amazing!

Image is pale yellow background with sketches of fruits and veggies around outer edge of graphic. Words typed say Funky Foodies, Inc. Frankie & Fern and Saving the Planet one Veggie Burger at a time.
Funky Foodies

Funky Foodies is One of my favorite foodie finds of 2022. Fictional tween foodies, Frankie and Fern, take listeners on adventures learning about the environment and food systems. The show is prepping for a second season in 2023 and will surely share more recipes and food fun in this new year. If you have a young foodie in your life, this is a fun listen.

What background with turquoise words: Kids World Podcast
Kids World Podcast

Kids World Podcast This Australian podcast hosted by a dad-and-daughter duo, explores a new topic in each episode. Mahala and Jake share stories and explore interesting topics, like how cats talk to us. We are looking forward to more episodes in 2023!

Dark night background with a red train coming through a tunnel. With the words in white: Story Train
Story Train

Story Train is a new show for young listeners from the creators of Bobby Wonder and Lucy Wow! Perfect for bedtime, Story Train releases a new show weekly. Your littles will love these familiar folktales and fables day or night.

What background with globe and two kids holding the globe with the following words (in yellow: We the Children) (in white: Kids Talk Climate Solutions) and words Hosted by Zachary
We The Children

We the Children is another kid-led podcast. Hosted by eleven-year-old Zachary, this podcast is all about the climate and how to inspire kids everywhere to create change for our climate. Zachary's interviews are great and older kids should really enjoy this podcast and be inspired!


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