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Our Favorite Snoozecasts

This week, with the time change and days getting darker, we have been thinking about podcasts that help our little ones fall asleep. I’m feeling very relaxed, reviewing these podcasts, sitting by the fire while the rain hits the windows. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers be warned: you may be lulled to sleep as well!

Be Calm on Away Island is hosted by Susie Perkowitz, who shares a mindful story for each episode while soft music plays in the background. Episodes include cute characters with fun names, deep dragon breaths, and guidance to get even the busiest little ones to relax. The episodes are usually about 20 minutes each and leave you ready to fall asleep, calm and cozy.

Peace Out is a mindfulness and meditation podcast hosted by Chanel Tsang, a Montessori educator and yoga teacher, who is working to calm kids one podcast at a time. Peace Out listeners will hear soothing stories with special guests like Olive the Ridley turtle who takes listeners on a journey to the Great Barrier Reef during which they breathe, stretch, and learn about coral reefs. Chanel does a wonderful job of guiding listeners through a very soothing wind-down, all while teaching them something important as well.

Like You, hosted by Noah Glenn, helps little listeners relax through stories, original songs, and affirmations, telling kids to say aloud, “I like me”. It feels like Mr. Rogers in a podcast. Kids can send drawings, letters or voice memo’s to the podcast through email and listener voice memo’s are shared in each episode. I love the show’s cover art, created by illustrator, Mia Saine, who along with Eso Tolson, does regular affirmation segments for the podcast. There’s a new episode to look forward to weekly. Relax and enjoy!


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