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Kids Podcasts That Help with Bedtime

Little kid in bed with teddy bear

There are many soothing podcasts, created just for kids, that can help with bedtime and help your little ones fall asleep. We pulled this list together to help with bedtime during the Daylight Saving transition but podcasts can be helpful anytime your kiddos need help with quiet time, relaxation, or emotional regulation.

Be Calm on Ahway Island podcast logo

Be Calm on Ahway Island is a calming way for kids to end the day. Kids will learn deep breathing techniques and listen to soothing stories that are guaranteed to help them wind down at the end of their days. With hundreds of episodes to choose from, this podcast is a must-have in your listening library.

Good Night My Darlings podcast logo

Start your bedtime routine with Good Night My Darlings, a podcast of African Folktales read by Funmi Ogunde, who grew up listening to the same stories during her childhood in Lagos, Nigeria. Join kids from around the world, as Funmi shares stories that drive imagination and teach values from forgiveness, patience, kindness, and more.

Like You: Mindfulness for Kids podcast logo

Like You: Mindfulness for Kids is a wonderful show that shares breathing techniques, visualization exercises, songs, affirmations, and mindfulness. The podcast encourages thoughtfulness and provides a calming listening experience for your family. This is a perfect podcast that can help with bedtime as well as general quiet time.

Koko Sleep podcast logo

KoKo Sleep is a sweet bedtime podcast for kids with original stories and sleep meditations created for younger listeners. KoKo Sleep episodes are hosted by Abbe Opher, whose lovely voice will lull your littles to sleep in no time. Note: KoKo Sleep recently changed its name to Koala Moon.


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