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The Ultimate Kids' Podcast Holiday Gift Guide (Book Version)

Giving books is one of our favorite ways to share our love of stories during the holiday season. Support the following podcasts by purchasing books that the creators have written. Here are a few of our favorites.

Cover of Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt Podcast for Kids

Bedtime Stories with R.A. Spratt is a weekly podcast by the Australian-based children's author R.A. Spratt. Her books include the Nanny Piggins, Friday Barnes, Peski Kids, and Shockingly Good Stories series. In addition to the books, those looking to put on a little holiday nativity can purchase a Nativity Play with Dinasaurs and the Moon Landing written by Spratt.

But Why Are Llamas Ticklish? Do Fish Breathe Underwater?

Creators of But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids, Jane Lindholm and Melody Bodette, launched two new books this year. Are Llamas Ticklish? and Do Fish Breathe Underwater? answer some of the greatest kid questions that the show has received. Books are available in both print and audio. But Why also has free learning guides and coloring pages to complement its podcast episodes.

Circle Round WBUR

Circle Round also published books this year. Purchase The Great Ball Game, A Taste of Honey, and The Tale of Unwelcome Guests. The books and podcast episodes are adaptions of folktales from around the world. Learn about additional ways to support the podcast here. Access the podcast archive, coloring pages, road trip reels, and information on live events on the website.

The Good Eggs Podcast

Author and educator Sandy Ciaramitaro created the Good Eggs podcast. The podcast is based on a 3-book series that follows friends Seggourney, Reggie, Megg, and Greggory, as they navigate the world. The social-emotional lessons (virtues, diversity, and service) are geared toward 5 to 12-year-olds but are great for the whole family.

National Geographic Kids Greeking Out

Did you know that the National Geographic Kids Greeking Out podcast started with a book series? If you haven't read Zeus The Mighty, check out the books (and learn more about the characters, artifacts, games, comics, coloring pages, and an educator's guide) on the Nat Geo Kids website. The books follow Zeus the hamster and his pet store pals, who live at the Mount Olympus pet store in Athens, Georgia.

The Past & The Curious

Mick Sullivan, host of The Past & The Curious is launching a second book. His first, The Meatshower, available for purchase now, is about a true, but wacky story of the day that meat fell from the sky. His second, I see Lincoln's Underpants, had a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and is ready to hit the printer! If you are familiar with this wonderful history podcast, you may recognize some of the chapters from this book. Many were shared as podcast episodes earlier this year.

Solve It! for Kids Podcast

Solve It! for Kids was my favorite discovery of 2022. I got to virtually meet Jennifer Swanson, the award-winning author of over 40 STEM books for kids. When her speaking engagements were postponed because of Covid-19, she picked up the microphone and started recording a science podcast for kids. Jennifer and her co-host Jeff Gonyea publish an engineering/science/technology-packed episode a week.

Reading Bug Adventures

The Reading Bug is a long-time favorite! We have enjoyed the book box subscription from the Reading Bug bookstore and highly recommend it. Participants fill out age and interest information on their little readers and then receive a box of hand-selected books just for them. The podcast is also one of my favorites. If your little ones love this podcast be sure to check out the Reading Bug Adventures Podcast Pack!


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