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Summer Stories You Don't Want to Miss

Summer With Storitopia!

We are a week away from the official start of summer but here at Storitopia, we know that summer planning starts well before the last day of school. Whether your plans include epic road trips, fun beach destinations, or short day trips around your city, we hope you spend some time listening to our favorite podcasts with your kids.

Story Seeds Podcast

This week’s review is the wonderfully creative podcast, Story Seeds. This podcast was created by Literary Safari Media, an independent and award-winning studio creating diverse and inclusive media that represents kids of all ages.

Each Story Seeds episode pairs a kid who plants a story seed through the podcast website and is paired with a children’s author to help develop their idea into an original story.

Each episode is a wonderful journey, introducing the seed creator and the author, hearing them discuss the seed, and talk about how to develop the idea into a colorful and creative story.

One of my favorite episodes is ‘A Girl Who Looks Like Me with Susan Muaddi Darraj’. Susan is the author of a middle-grade series called Farah Rocks. During this episode, Susan is paired with the seed creator, Sulaf who wants to create a story about a young girl who lives in New York City and discovers a mystery at a theater she is working at.

The most beautiful part of this episode is when Susan helps Sulaf develop the story’s main character. Listeners hear them create a character that speaks Arabic and has an Egyptian dad like Sulaf and talk about how important it is for kids to have stories that create a mirror for them, but also act as a window for others to see a new culture and different way of life.

Every episode is like this, where authors work with the seed creator to develop a character and story that is read at the end of the podcast. Recommended for kids 5 and older who love storytelling and using their imaginations.


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